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Some big additions coming up.

Hey all, 

We want to lay out for you what has been going on, and what we see on the horizon for VanVal, and we figured that setting up a blog to keep you guys informed is the first step toward this. It will also give you a good opportunity to see what we have been up to outside of business, and help you get to know us better :)

Lately, as many of you know, we have been working on setting up the storefront. This is something that we have had our eyes on since we started, and it's finally happening, which is pretty neat.  Coinciding with the store, new merchandise is underway, and the addition of CBD eLiquid and coffee from a local roaster in our hometown of Spokane is about to hit the shelves.  

One thing that we have been heavily considering is pursuing the NicSalt trend.  We have definitely noticed a big shift towards NicSalts and pod devices over these last few months, and that is something we have been actively looking into for you folks.  In the background, we have been secretly playing with combinations to see what is good, and I think we found what we like.  However, we have noticed that some flavors simply won't work well with them (I.e. Gimme a Break), so we may not be able to transfer our entire line over, but we'll definitely have a wide selection of our top flavors.  Moreover, the salts will be a bit more expensive than our standard eLiquid, because salts are vastly more expensive than freebase nicotine is.  However, our moral standards remain, and we will still strive to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry for them. 

Additionally, we would like to seriously review the Charka Mod this year, as that is what initially started VanVal.  If we do go through with that, we will likely be offering small, limited edition runs of the mod. Each mod will be numbered, and we will probably sell no more than 100 in total.  We've also been tossing around the idea of designing our own max VG pod... let us know if ya'll would be interested in something like that. 

Leave a comment or question below if you'd like!  We would love to make this interactive with you all and get to know everybody better :)


-Nick & Jake

  • Father Luke on

    Review the mods, sure. Offer them for sale, even guys, why not. Just remember to keep the juices flowing!

    I’m enjoying the hell out of the sample packs while I find my favorite flavors.

    Oh. And will you ever offer an ‘extra flavor’ option? Some of the flavors are so subtle I can’t find the flavor in them. All my friends “LOVE!” them! The flavors of some of them …Smooth Monkey comes to mind …slide over my worn out tastebuds with only a hint of flavor, while my buds laugh and ask if they can “borrow” more juice.

    (…go ahead and laugh.)

    Thanks Nick, and thanks Jakester!

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