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Gimme a Break

Gimme a Break
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An excellent flavor for when you need that little extra pick-me-up. Gimme a Break has that bitter, rejuvenating taste of coffee intermixed thoroughly with VanVal's custom creamer. Containing hints of caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate fused into a delicate cream, this liquid is a beckoning substitute for your morning and evening coffee.

*All of our eLiquid is Max VG.*

Editor's Note:

Jam packed with the sucker punch of Joey Diaz's nuts slapping you in the face and life taking a wet shit on your chest. You need a fucking break. So take one, goddammit. This bastard of a blend contains the lovely taste of caffeine and it is filled to the brim with nicotine. This is like hippie crack, so go smoke that hippie crack.


Disclaimer: Please, do not smoke crack. VanVal does not in anyway endorse smoking crack. Crack will likely kill you, and VanVal will not be held responsible. So please, don't smoke crack. It's official, we have crossed the line. Have a blessed day.


Please Read:  We have had some customers experience the spout of the bottle popping off while filling a tank or RDA.  We highly recommend cutting a very small amount off of the tip of the spout to help increase juice flow which should prevent this entirely.  Also, please be sure to keep an eye on the spout and make sure that it is flush with the bottle.  If it is not, just pound it down a little bit until it is :)

When ordering 0mg nicotine e-liquid, be aware that nicotine increases the oxidization of the flavorings (steeping), which then helps to bring out the full flavor profile of the e-liquid.

TL;DR: Juice tastes better with nicotine.

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