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Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Short Sleeve T-Shirt
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$10.00 /each

  • 50% Polyester 
  • 25% Cotton
  • 25% Rayon     

       Hey Friends,  we finally have apparel in stock and we are very excited to share it with all of you.  We wanted to put some intention into it and make it worth your money, so we tried on a variety of shirts and chose our favorite.  These shirts are comfortable, and they fit really well and are true to size.  Honestly, these have become our most worn shirts ever since we got them.  We are really happy with how they turned out.  We decided to get them screen printed, so the longevity will be better than if we did a simply vinyl transfer. If it is within your budget, we would highly recommend considering picking up a sweatshirt.  For the first time in a while, we have been waiting for the weather to get colder (or at least I have :P) just to put it in action.  THEY ARE THAT COZY. 

       In case you are wondering, the design on the back is a throwback to our days of origin.  A play on the seed and flower of life, lined up along the Seven Chakras, centered around the all seeing eye.  It was created by our founding partner, Kooper, and was initially intended to be the design on the Chakra mod – unfortunately, that was never able to come to fruition.  Either way, we are happy to have this design come to life and share it with all of you.

Nick & Jake


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