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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.)  Why should I choose VanVal?

A.)  VanVal allows for the experience of vaping premium e-liquid for the most affordable price out there.  We did this because we stand for people’s health and we're sick of people breaking the bank in order to quit smoking cigarettes.  So reward yourself and enjoy our top of the line premium e-liquid for an unbeatable price.  All of our e-liquid is American made in its entirety. 

We would LOVE for you to read our mission statement for more information about this!   


Q.)  I'm nervous to order because your prices are so cheap, is this low quality juice? 

A.)  It has been a challenge for us to separate our brand from the cheap quality of many "budget juice" companies.  We are proud to say that word is finally getting out about our high quality premium eLiquid and our reviews attest to that (a big thanks to everybody who spent the time to share their thoughts on our website).  Give us a shot, you wont be disappointed that you did!  We use the highest quality ingredients, have spent months concocting each and every blend, have elegant labels, and strive for excellence with our customer service :)


Q.)  What are your standard business hours?

A.)  Our standard business hours are Monday - Friday from 10:00am (MT) - 7:00pm (MT). But VanVal is always working.  We're here even when you don't see us, constantly working in the shadows, lurking from town to town to supply the best premium eLiquid for the best price available.  We don't sleep or eat so we can have more time to work.  


Q.)  What bottles do you use?  Should I be worried about using plastic bottles?

A.)  We use high quality PET plastic bottles.  We use PET plastic instead of LDPE plastic because it is much heavier duty and higher quality so you don't have to worry about any of that.  


Q.)  What PG/VG ratio is used?

A.)  All of our e-liquid is 20/80 (PG/VG).


Q.)  What grade of flavoring, VG, nicotine do you use?

A.)  All of our ingredients are of the highest possible grade available.  We only use USP pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and NicSelect Nicotine. 


Q.)  What shipping service to you use?

A.)  We use USPS First Class Package and USPS Priority Mail for all orders.  Please note that USPS shipping times are not guaranteed and every now and then Priority Mail ends up being 3-Day shipping. 


Q.)  What size bottles can I purchase?

A.)  We currently offer 15ml, 50ml, and 120ml bottle sizes.  


Q.)  Do you ship internationally?

A.)  We ship all over the world.  Please read our shipping policy before you make an order.  If a package is seized or lost in the mail we cannot provide a refund, though we will send out another package in the event that you pay for the shipping. 


Q.)  When do you ship?

A.)  We ship Monday - Friday every week and even ship on Saturday 95% of the time.  It is our goal to ship all orders within 24 hours of purchase (check out our reviews, our shipping is quick), however, when we are running large promotions/discounts orders can be backed up to 48 hours and in very rare circumstances it can take up to 72 hours.  If you have any questions shoot Jake an email at, but believe us when we say that we want to get your order out as bad as you want us to, so we do our absolute best to get them all out within 24 hours.