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Albino Rhino

Albino Rhino
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A succulent creation of a delicate, rich cream, paired to perfection with vanilla, and layered with fresh berries.

*All of our eLiquid is Max VG.*

Editor's Note:

Bottled straight from the tears of the now extinct black rhinoceros. Some say its cruel; we say it's exotic.


Please Read:  We have had some customers experience the spout of the bottle popping off while filling a tank or RDA.  We highly recommend cutting a very small amount off of the tip of the spout to help increase juice flow and reduce pressure, which should prevent this entirely.  Also, please be sure to keep an eye on how the spout is seated on the bottle, and make sure that it is flush with the bottle.  If it is not, just pound it down a little bit until it is :)  

When ordering 0mg nicotine e-liquid, be aware that nicotine increases the oxidization of the flavorings (steeping), which then helps to bring out the full flavor profile of the e-liquid.

TL;DR: Juice tastes better with nicotine.

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