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Hello you beautiful people.  You know what time of there year it is?  It's belated Christmas time.  HO HO HO, bitches.  We're still Santa Claus.  And you know what the best kind of gifts are?  FREE ones.  Do you like how we spell FREE in all capitals every time?  That's right, FREE.  Now down to business - until Sunday night (11:59pm MST) we will be offering a buy one get one free sale on ALL of our eLiquid.  You know what that means?  It means you'll have so much eLiquid that you'll start replacing it for water.  You'll drink it.  You'll bathe in it.  You'll freeze it for ice cubes.  You'll make shaved ice with Father's Load and VanCal's Titty Sprinkles.  'Tis the season, folks.  Vaping is the future, and we know the only belated Christmas gift you give anybody is eLiquid anyways.  So let us give you a FREE (woah, they did it again) bottle of eLiquid to gift your spouse, your lovely parents, and your friends who are no younger than 6570 days old (with the exception of California, because in California nicotine will kill you and both parties involved will die unless you are of a ripe 7665 days old).  Again, DO NOT gift this to your dog, cat, fish, hamster, wallaby, or underaged children, because eLiquid will burn them alive from the inside.  And do not gift this to your fellow FDA members, because they are all allergic to eLiquid, and they will die too.  (VanVal Vapor does not make ANY claims to health, people). #Make #America #VAPE #Again

"Cigarettes are no longer the enemy, friends; stop paying for overpriced juice."
With ALL the love we have to give, 
VanVal Vapor

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