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Not sure what flavors to pick?  Here are our suggestions!

Best Sellers: Dolphin Milk, Father's Load, Albino Rhino, Molly's Menthol

Cream / Custard: Father's Load, Albino Rhino, Skrilla Vanilla, Gimme a Break

Fruity: Dolphin Milk, I Love You, Mind's Garden, Molly's Menthol

Novelty: Gimme a Break, VanCal's Titty Sprinkles, It's Just Nice to Have, Trippy Drip Drip

Bakery: I'm Not Addicted, Smooth Monkey, Numba 1 Winna

       We're VanVal and we're sick of bullshit. We're sick of watching our friends in the vape industry spend way too much money on overpriced juice. And we're sick of the healthy alternative being more expensive than those nasty cancer sticks. With that, we sought out to provide not only a health incentive, but an economical incentive as well because it is just the right thing to do.

"Cigarettes are no longer the enemy, friends; stop paying for overpriced juice."

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