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Numba 1 Winna

Numba 1 Winna
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Reminiscent of a perfectly baked peach cobbler with a thick, aromatic, brown sugar pie crumble that is deliciously evened out with the refreshing taste of a ripe, juicy peach.

Editor's Note:

"VanVal's a Numba 1 Winna, out here tryna make a little skrilla, got more rhymes just a little bit trilla than you, motha fucka's our here for you." VanVal LLC does not claim to own a single word of this rhyme, but we can spit some fire, just give us a little time. #CANTSTOPWONTSTOP


All of our e-liquid is Max VG.

*We recommend steeping all e-liquid for a minimum of three days, as juice is freshly mixed before delivery.*

When ordering 0mg nicotine e-liquid, be aware that nicotine increases the oxidization of the flavorings, which then helps to bring out the full flavor profile of the e-liquid.åÊ

TL;DR: Juice tastes better with nicotine.

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