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Skrilla Vanilla

Skrilla Vanilla
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The ultimate concoction of decadence, this flavor is jam-packed with various vanillas and a unique combination of creams, creating a vanilla flavor comparable to that of a child's very first bite of ice cream. In other words; Valhalla.

Editor's Note:

A near relative of Father's Load and VanCal's Titty Sprinkles. This flavor is the "money shot" that keeps you from having babies. In fact, this shit right here is the sprinkles on the titties. This is the load from your father. The cougars that you eat. The sole force that keeps your wallet empty. The flavor that tastes so good that you become it's bitch and jump through hoops every second of every day, become financially worthless, and sacrifice your dignity just so you can please it, but more importantly, so you can have it.


All of our e-liquid is Max VG.

*We recommend steeping all e-liquid for a minimum of three days, as juice is freshly mixed before delivery.*

When ordering 0mg nicotine e-liquid, be aware that nicotine increases the oxidization of the flavorings, which then helps to bring out the full flavor profile of the e-liquid.

TL;DR: Juice tastes better with nicotine.

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